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@AnnCoulter, Time to Join Trump in His Vaccine Skepticism


Ann Coulter launches a vaccine war on her Facebook page against illegal immigrants, and then deletes multiple comments linking to the FDA website proving the dangers of the MMR vaccine.

Ann Coulter,  I sure hope you’re on board with Trump’s vaccine skepticism, because vaccine skeptics are a non-insignificant part of Trump’s base, which the MSM won’t touch. They tried last year, but dropped it like a hot potato when even Dr. Ben Carson, former Chairman of the Board of vaccine manufacturer Vaccinogen, Inc, was forced to agree with Trump on national TV during the 2nd Republican debate.

I am suggesting you read up on the issue.  Plenty of sources, especially the FDA’s own download of the MMR package insert stating how dangerous the MMR vaccine really is. So I’m sorry the illegal immigrants are coming into this country so malnourished they’re carrying diseases. That is easily fixed by teaching them how to use modern plumbing and building their immune systems with nutrition.  But I 100% support the workers at the detention center (which is only 1 hour away from where I live) in their refusal of a vaccine that is more dangerous than the disease itself.

Talk to many thousands of parents whose children have been killed and crippled by the MMR and other vaccines. Read the science. Google “CDC whistleblower“. Google “The parents’ trail of tears“.

This is a hot issue. And Trump is with us.


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