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    Of Course We Trust Science. It's Scientists We Don't Trust.

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The time has come for the world to acknowledge that scientists must be watched.   Because smart as they are, they are human beings, capable of both good and evil, and science is a powerful double-edged sword that can cut both ways, for both good or evil.   So all scientists’ work, their motives, methods, results, outcomes, and ultimate uses, must be watched carefully, examined, exposed, and shared.  This is because science is so powerful, and the human mind is so creative, that when both are used together for evil, it can mean the end for you as an individual (death), or even mean the end of all humanity (extinction).

Oh, words like “Mad Scientists”, “good”, and “evil” are such old fashioned words, dontcha you think?   So much so that many people no longer have any idea what they really mean, and some in their ignorance and arrogance even laugh at people who have enough of an expanded and historical world view to dare to use them.  So let’s start with a few definitions.

Science:  The search for truth, or preferably termed, the search for facts that tell us how the universe works.  Experiments and/or Observations that can be duplicated by others.  Publishing the facts thus obtained.  Facts are immutable … <heh heh heh> until such time as science asks more questions and learns more facts behind the facts.

Religion: The search for meaning behind the facts.  The search for purpose.  The more facts we know, the more we must search out the meaning and purpose of them.

Good: Kindness and compassion, on both individual and grand scales.  Honesty with the facts.  Truthfulness & Beauty.  Prefers life over death.  If someone is not capable of kindness and truthfulness on an individual scale, he or she should not be trusted on a grand scale.

Evil: Disconnected from the human qualities of kindness and compassion, or if aware of such qualities at all, uses them against others, in cruelty, viciousness, and destruction.  Sociopaths and psychopaths fit in here.  Harming others for power, profit, and/or fun, or simply coldly ignoring their plight.

Genius: Able to look at a set of facts in an entirely new light, either mentally shifting paradigms through a myriad of Escher dimensions, or inventing an entirely new paradigm.  Genius can leverage known facts into entirely new worlds of knowledge no one has ever seen before.  Genius can be effusively creative.

Mad: Possible meaning #1 – lost in his/her own head, in a world that really does not exist and cannot be expressed, nor duplicated by anyone else.   Schizophrenics fit in here… but that can be (shhhhh….) cured now.   Possible meaning #2 – able to think and explore science, explore new paradigms, with the intention of doing evil.  Sometimes tries to disguise the evil as “good”, but that is easily exposed.

Which is why we’re all here.

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Who am I?

Skype-BARCI’m an educated software engineer who has spent most of my career writing data analysis code in the sciences. I am now an investigator of mad scientists, first inspired by seeing a television interview with an Ebola researcher who delivered her interview with a malevolent Cheshire smile, because, she was very happy to say, the predicted massive American disease and suffering due to Ebola was going to “save the economy” by spurring research dollars. I had never met an evil mad scientist before, and I thank God they are in the minority… although they do tend to rise to positions of disproportionate power. Only by exposing them can we defang them. My children have reached adulthood, and I have no grandchildren yet. So the time to uncover truth, speak up, and fix the world is now. You can contact me here.

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