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A Handy New Tool for Implementing the U.S. Medical Police State

Hand held Flu Breath Detector

“UTA Professor Invents Breath Monitor To Detect Flu « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth”

It’s a revolutionary device that makes it possible to diagnose flu cases at home.

Source: UTA Professor Invents Breath Monitor To Detect Flu « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

These will be handy for the nationwide medical police state (checkpoints, detainments, & forced vaccinations of anyone even suspected of being sick) which last year’s (114th) congress passed & Obama signed on their way out the door, in Dec. 2016.

Congress.gov: New U.S. Law implementing Nationwide Medical Police State:

The citizens of so many states have been putting up with illegal (says 4th Amendment) DUI checkpoints for so long, that I bet the police won’t even tell you ~what~ they’re even “testing” you for with this new “breathalyzer”. Oh, and if you’re on somebody’s “travel ban”, whether you’re DUI or not, whether you have the “flu” or not, they’ll just press the “make this the positive” button. How conveeeeeenient.


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